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The Best Bleach Arcs In Series History

For eight years, Bleach entertained anime fans with its supernatural story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a 15-year-old high school rebel, taking on Hell and above as a Soul Reaper. Within that time, Bleach produced so many memorable storylines, such as Ichigo's journey to save his friend, Rukia Kuchiki, from being executed by her Shinigami peers in "The Soul Society" arc. Some of these amazing stories were ripped from the pages of the manga, while others were made exclusively for the anime.

With so many great stories, let's rank the best Bleach arcs and see which one reigns supreme. Vote up whatever you think is the best arc in Bleach below, and vote down the ones you didn't care for.

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    Arrancar: Downfall Arc

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    Episodes 266-316

    The Soul Society continue their defense of Karakura Town against Aizen's army of Arrancar. Meanwhile, Ichigo and his friends are still fighting the Arrancar at Hueco Mundo, as the search for Orihime.

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    Soul Society: The Rescue Arc

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    Episodes 43-63

    Ichigo's journey into the Soul Society has not been an easy one, but with the help of a former Shinigami captain named Yoruichi Shihoin, he masters the ultimate form of the Zanpakuto known as Bankai. With his newfound strength, Ichigo is ready to rescue Rukia and fight against her powerful brother named Byakuya Kuchiki. However, not everything in the Soul Society is what it seems.

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    Arrancar vs. Shinigami Arc

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    Episodes 190-205

    Ichigo's victory against Grimmjow is shortlived, as Nnoitra Gilga and the other Arrancar intervene. Among the chaos, Orihime is kidnapped again and taken to former Soul Reaper captain Aizen.

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    Arrancar: The Fierce Fight Arc

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    Episodes 152-167

    A more battle-driven continuation of the Arrancar storyline. One that deals with Ichigo fighting the urge of using his Bankai and Hollow Mask, as he searches for Orihime. However, to stand a chance against the Arrancar and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, Ichigo must give in to temptation.

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