The Best Blu E-Cig Flavors

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Before buying new Blu E-Cig cartridges, check out the best Blu E Cig flavors. Although this list of Blu flavors features popular myBlu pods, some of these flavors are also available as Blu PRO liquids, Blu PLUS tanks, and Blu eCig disposable. What are your favorite myBlu liquidpods?

Some good Blu E Cig flavors include Blueberry, Polar Mint, and their line of Blu INTENSE pods.  

Vote up the best tasting flavors for Blu E-Cigs, and refill your vape juice. 

  • Melon Time (Intense)

    Melon Time (Intense)

    404 votes

    Flavors: Refreshing ripe juicy fruit 

  • Vivid Vanilla

    Vivid Vanilla

    220 votes

    Flavors: Smooth Vanilla 

  • Neon Dream (Intense)

    Neon Dream (Intense)

    263 votes

    Flavors: Fruit and creamy blend

  • Blueberry


    164 votes

    Flavors: Ripe flavor blueberries

  • Polar Mint 

    Polar Mint 

    235 votes

    Flavors: Refreshing peppermint

  • Green Apple

    Green Apple

    127 votes

     Flavors: Sweet and Sour