The Best Blue Car Nicknames

This list of the best blue car names is meant to help you pick out the most fitting moniker for your beloved set of wheels. There's a lot to consider when choosing a name for your car, such as the color, model, and make. The best car nicknames usually mean something special to you, but also describe the "personality" of your ride. Do you want a funny blue car name or something more serious? 

For smaller, practical blue cars, like sedans, you may want to pick a softer, cute, or unassuming name, like Lagoon Boy or Dory. Additionally, a name like Mystique or The Blue Pill would be perfect for a larger blue car, like a truck or SUV.

Browse this list for blue car nicknames that stand out to you, and vote up any you'd consider for your own car.

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    Mystique is a popular X-Men character who can shapeshift, but her true form is a vibrant, bright blue.

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    Cookie Monster

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