The Best Blue Öyster Cult Albums, Ranked

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No EPs or compilations. Live albums released officially during their active career are included.

We're ranking the top Blue Oyster Cult albums of all time. One of best hard rock bands of all time, and a key American influence in the proto years of heavy metal, Blue Oyster Cult's discography features several popular hit songs, like "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" and "Godzilla", along with myriad classic album tracks.  In the late Seventies and early Eighties, BOC headlined arenas, mostly on the basis of their devoted album-rock following. With a diversity of sounds, and cowriting credits from every bandmember, BOC's studio albums were hard to pigeonhole, and fan opinions differ, making the question what is the greatest Blue Oyster Cult album ever an impossible one to pin down.

From their self-titled debut album to their 2001 album Curse of the Hidden Mirror, this list of Blue Oyster Cult albums also includes what are regarded as some of the greatest live hard rock albums of their era, as BOC were a band who really shined in a live setting. Vote up the best Blue Oyster Cult albums, and vote down the ones that were disappointing.

  • Secret Treaties
    Photo: Columbia
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    1. Career of Evil
    2. Subhuman
    3. Dominance and Submission
    4. ME 262
    5. Cagey Cretins
    6. Harvester of Eyes
    7. Flaming Telepaths
    8. Astronomy

    • Release Date: 1974
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  • Fire of Unknown Origin
    Photo: Columbia

    1. Fire of Unknown Origin
    2. Burnin' for You
    3. Veteran of the Psychic Wars
    4. Sole Survivor
    5. Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver
    6. Vengeance (The Pact)
    7. After Dark
    8. Joan Crawford
    9. Don't Turn Your Back

    • Release Date: 1981
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  • Tyranny and Mutation
    Photo: Columbia

    1. The Red & the Black
    2. O.D.'d on Life Itself
    3. Hot Rails to Hell
    4. 7 Screaming Diz-Busters
    5. Baby Ice Dog
    6. Wings Wetted Down
    7. Teen Archer
    8. Mistress of the Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl)

    • Release Date: 1973
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  • Cultösaurus Erectus
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    1. Black Blade
    2. Monsters
    3. Divine Wind
    4. Deadline
    5. The Marshall Plan
    6. Hungry Boys
    7. Fallen Angel
    8. Lips in the Hills
    9. Unknown Tongue

    • Release Date: 1980
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