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Bluegrass is an American roots music that is a subset of country music. With roots primarily in Appalachia, this style dates back to the 1800s, with many of the songs being used for Minstrel shows and often referred to as a mix between blues and jazz music. It reflects the hardships of living in rural Appalachia and the everyday life people live there. 

Many of these songs are just a snippet of amazing bluegrass albums by amazing artists, so be sure to check out the greatest bluegrass albums as well.

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Foggy Mountain Breakdown The quintessential bluegrass instrumental track.

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Rocky Top A song that recalls a southern paradaise it is now the university of Tennesse's fight song.

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Fox On the Run Best performed by Emerson and Waldron

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Man of Constant Sorrow A bluegrass classic that was re-introduced to the public in the film "O Brother Where Art Thou"

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Can the Circle Be Unbroken Taken from a similarly name spiritual, The Careter Family rewrote their own version

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Blue Moon of Kentucky Famous bluegrass tune once covered by Elvis Presley.

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Orange Blossom Special A quintessential tune for fiddlers, this song was once covered by Jonny Cash as well.

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Wabash Cannonball Best performed by Claire Lynch

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John Henry Best performed by the Lily Borthers.

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Nine Pound Hammer Best performed by Tony

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Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms A fast-played bluegrass classic

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Feudin’ Banjos The song made infamous by the film "Deliverance" 

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Wayfaring Stranger A bluegrass song from the 1800s about traveling through life.

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Footprints in the Snow Best perfromed by Mac Wiseman

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The Ballad of Jed Clampett Blue grass tune that became popular as the theme song from The Beverly Hillbillies.

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Bringing Mary Home Best performed by The Country Gentlemen

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Darling Corey Best performed by the Seldom Scene

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Kentucky Waltz Classic Bill Monroe song from 1946

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I'm Sitting on Top of the World Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys - popular bluegrass song written by

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Train 45 Best performed by Smiley Hobbs

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I Wonder How the Old Folks Are at Home A classic nostalgic tune from The Carter Family.

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I Wonder Where You Are Tonight Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys - A lonesome tune of longing this bluegrass tune is an undeniable classic.

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Old Dan Tucker A popular bluegrass song from Oral traditions popularized in Minstrel shows.

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Molly and Tenbrooks Originally recorded by the Carver Boys under a slightly different title this song was then popularized by Bill Monroe in the '40s

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Fireball Mail Best performed by the Lonesome River Band

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Love of the Mountains best performed by The Lost & Found

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Down in the Willow Garden Best performed by Dave Evans

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The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane A song from Will S. Hays popularized in old time monstrel shows.

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Little Rosewood Casket Best performed by Don Reno

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White House Blues Best performed by Del McCoury

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Pig in a Pen Best performed by the Stanley Brothers

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Roving Gambler Another great Stanley Brothers bluegreass tune

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The Devil's Dream An extremely old bluegrass fiddle tune

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When You and I Were Young, Maggie A popular song from Springtown, Tennessee written by local George Johnson for his love, Maggie.

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Appalachian Mountain Girl Original catchy Alan Jackson bluegrass tune

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Poor Ellen Smith Best performed by the Southern Mountain Boys

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The Dream of the Miner's Child Another bluegrass classic by The Stanley Brothers or Ricky Skaggs.

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I Don't Believe You've Met My ... is listed (or ranked) 41 on the list The Best Bluegrass Songs of All Time
Raincheck added I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby Dolly Parton - #1 Hit song of The Louvin Brothers— A country dream-story in Bluegrass song.

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Atlanta Is Burning Best performed by The Boys from Indiana

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Little Glass of Wine Best performed by Ralkph Stanley

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Lonesome Road Blues Best perfromed by Happy Smith

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I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling Another popular Bill Monroe song that was once covered and recorded by Elvis

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Tiny Broken Heart Popular bluegrass song written by Charlie Louvin about a farm boy's broken heart

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Yew Piney Mountain Another popular fiddler's tune from Appalachia

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Old Rosin the Beau A popular bluegrass tune from the 1800s that was originally of irish or british origin.

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Atheists Don’t Have No Songs A Steve Martin bluegrass tune that pays homage to its history of humor and a capella singing

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Old Settler's Song (Acres of Clams) An old bluegrass tune from the Pacific Northwest (likely Washington)