The Best Blumhouse Productions Movies

Blumhouse Productions have brought us some incredible films in the past years. Most popular for their horror movies, Jason Blum's production company has reached success with Blumhouse franchises, like the Paranormal Activity series, the Insidious franchise, and The Purge series. What are the best Blumhouse movies?

From The Boy Next Door to Split, the best Blumhouse movies range in style, tone, and overall content. This list of Blumhouse films includes critically acclaimed movies Whiplash, which won a Best Supporting Oscar for J.K. Simmons - and Get Out, which is nominated for an Oscar in the Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Actor categories. Other good Blumhouse movies include Creep, Hush, Sleight, The Belko Experiment, Happy Death Day, The Gift, and Ouija.

There are certainly many stunning films produced by Blumhouse. However, which films truly represent the best of the best? Vote up the movies from Blumhouse you feel are exceptional below. Any new Blumhouse movies that should be added or simply a film you feel is missing? Feel free to add it below. 

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