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The Best Nicknames For A BMW

March 12, 2020 2.2k votes 330 voters 8.2k views50 items

Looking for the best names for BMW? Well you can start with bimmer, beemer, or beamer, which are on the list but we decided to get a litter more creative with the names. Bobby, when combined with beamer is a funny nickname for your BMW or if you are looking for a moniker that is a bit more serious, there are several you can try on. James Bond is known for having driven a few BMW's in his time and Tom Cruise get's behind the wheel of beamer in more than a few of the Mission Impossible movies, so those are valid options as well. But ultimately the choice is yours when it comes to the name that best fits the "personality" of your ultimate driving machine.

You might also want to choose a name for the color of your ride like cheddar for yellow or mercury if you happen to drive a gray or silver bimmer. Vote up the names for bimmers that you would consider for your own ride and vote down any that you think fellow BMW drivers should skip.