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The Best Board Books for Babies (0-15 Months)

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List RulesSimple books that you can read to your baby from the earliest age

The best board books for babies give developing minds a wonderful introduction to the world of reading. Parents can spend hours of quality time with the little ones, reading fantastical stories and stimulating baby's brain. Which baby board books are the best? That's what this list is for: to determine which books parents might want to include in their baby's (hopefully) growing book collection. Vote for the board books that you like the most, and feel free to rerank this list any way you like. Also, if your baby just *loves* a specific board book, and it isn't listed here, please, add it!

What exactly is a board book? It is exactly what it says it is: It's a specific kind of children's book designed for very young children, usually babies and 1-2 year olds. Instead of regular paper pages, a baby board book is printed on thicker paperboard, making it easy for the little ones to hold (and often chew!) the pages as mom and dad read with them. Yes, these are durable books, indeed. The illustrations in board books, like most books for young kids, are very colorful and the stories are often simple, but wonderful. They are among the greatest books to read to kids, without a doubt.

Some of the most well-known baby and toddler board books are from authors Sandra Boynton and Eric Carle. Obviously there are thousands of great board books (thus, this list), but wow, these two authors alone could fill a baby's nursery with fantastical stories that will keep little ones intrigued for years! The best examples of great board books include Carle's classic 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and Dorothy Kunhardt's 'Pat the Bunny.' Both are touch and feel board books, allowing babies and toddlers to interact, feeling bunny's soft fur and playing peek-a-boo in the littler mirror. Other popular board books include 'Goodnight Moon' by Margaret Wise Brown, Nina Laden's 'Peek-a-Who?' and Sandra Boynton's 'Barnyard Dance!' and of course, 'Moo Baa La La La.' You really can't go wrong with any of these. All of them, by the way, are among the best books for toddlers.

If you're looking for a perfect gift for expectant parents, a baby board book, or two, or three, is the kind of gift that gives back, each night, over and over again.

Which baby board book should you choose? Obviously the ones on this list are all great selections, but keep in mind that if you have a personal favorite children's book, it might be available in board book form, so be sure to check!
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List Rules: Simple books that you can read to your baby from the earliest age