The Best Boat Brands

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All types of boats: sailboats, motorboats and human-powered boats.

If you're looking for a new boat, here's a list of boat brands that include the most reliable models available. The best boat brands include those from major manufacturers including Sea Ray Boats, Bayliner, MasterCraft and more. Boats can be categorized into three main types: unpowered or human-powered boats (rafts, canoes, kayaks, gondolas); boats that are propelled by their sails (sailboats); and boats that are propelled by engines (motorboats).

When considering what type of boat you should buy, shoppers should think about a few basic things. Where are you going to use the boat? The best brand of boat will be different depending on whether you are looking for a yacht to party on in the ocean, a gondola to take in a river, a sailboat to use on the coast or a motorboat to take in a lake or bay. How many people do you expect to take on your boat? Is this boat just for you and your partner or do you hope to be able to fit your entire family on the boat? Size of the hull, deck and cabins should all be taken into consideration.

This list will consider all engine and sail-powered boats. So what are the most popular boat brands? Users looking for a new boat will want to research a variety of different brands to find the one that best suits their needs according to design, name brand, buoyancy, size, propulsion and price.

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