The Best Boat Shoe Brands

Boat shoes aren't just for sailors! Whether you're a trend-setting hipster or a popped-collar preppy, you'll always be styling in boat shoes. Here's your go-to list of the best boat shoe brands. 

Boat shoes for men have been popular ever since the '80s, when guys decided it was time to ditch the socks and don some durable and comfy shoes. Typically canvas or leather, with a loose leather string, men's boat shoes were originally designed (by Paul A. Sperry) to be worn on a boat. But that doesn't mean they have to stay on the boat! 

Of course, Sperry makes some of the best boat shoes you can buy because they literally invented them. But brands like Lacoste, Nautica, and Dockers have also made super popular boat shoes. Don't see a brand that needs to be on this list? Feel free to add it! 

Before you hit the deck, or just hit the city streets, check out our list of the best boat shoes brands! Upvote your favorite!
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