The Very Best Boating Magazines, Ranked

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If you love spending the day on the water, you may be on the hunt for some good boating magazines to help you learn more about your favorite hobby. Whether you just bought a boat or have been sailing for years, there are plenty of quality publications out there to teach you tips and tricks on making the most of your time on the water or at the dock. Below, you'll find a ranked list of boating magazines to help you select the right publication for you. 

There are plenty of popular magazines out there about boats and sailing. Boating Magazine has been sharing information with boating enthusiasts since it debuted in 1966. Along with reviews of new models, Boating Magazine also features information on making DIY repairs. Cruising World Magazine includes features on sailing, charters, and travel. If you own a specific type of boat, like a yacht or a speedboat, you can find a niche magazine like Yachting. Vote up the best boating magazines below and feel free to add any great publications worth a monthly subscription! 

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