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The Best Quotes From 'Bob's Burgers'

The best quotes from Bob's Burgers are both hilarious and absurd. The most memorable quotes from Bob's Burgers give the show unique bits of dialogue that could only be delivered by the Belcher family. Other one-liners from Bob's Burgers highlight why it’s one of the funniest shows on TV.

Fox's Bob's Burgers is animated sitcom television series with funny quotes that keep us laughing, even when they’re a little too real. The show also has a great cast of characters like the Belcher children – Tina, Gene, and Louise – and of course, they are going to have some great quotes along the way. With that said, which Bob's Burgers quotes are your favorites?

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    Reading Material

    Linda: She deserves a special party this year.

    Louise: If what it says in her diary is true, then I say she needs it. A LOT.

    Gene: It's true.

    Bob: Wait, you read her diary?

    Linda: Yeah.

    Louise: What I can stomach.

    Linda: I just skim it to make sure she's not on drugs.

    Bob: Wha... what does it say?

    Linda: It says "I'm not on drugs".

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    Work Work Work

    Linda: Give it another day, and if you still hate it after that day, you give it another day. And you keep going like that, forever. That's what working is. But it's not all bad. They pay you, and you get to go home after and say "What a day!" and drink.

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    The Good Daughter

    Louise: Tina's a lost cause, Mom. Time to focus on your good daughter - Gene!

    Gene: I'm pretty!

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    Louise Pulls A Caddyshack

    Bob: Wow. Louise, You pulled a Caddyshack?

    Louise: What's a Caddyshack?

    Bob: The movie, Caddyshack.

    Louise: I don't know it.

    Bob: Wait, so, you you didn't just throw a candy bar in the pool?

    Louise: No.

    Bob: Wow

    Louise: Yeah.

    Bob: That's impressive.

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