The Best Things To Eat At Bojangles'

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Bojangles’ is known for its juicy chicken and tasty biscuits, but there’s way more to explore than just the basics. That’s why we’re ranking the best menu dishes Bojangles’ has to offer. Founded in 1977, the Charlotte-based fast-food joint has more than 750 restaurants nationwide. Chances are, there's even a Bojangles' near you.

If you’re wondering what to order at Bojangles’, this list has you covered. From fluffy breakfast biscuits (like the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese and the Cajun Filet) to great lunch and dinner deals (like the 4-Piece Chicken Supreme and the Chicken Rice Bowl), you’re sure to find something great. And even if you aren’t in the mood for chicken and biscuits, Bojangles’ also offers a range of sweet soups and salads. 

Be sure to vote up your favorite menu items at Bojangles’, and vote down all the ones you’ve tried and didn’t like.

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  • Seasoned Fries
    172 votes

    Seasoned Fries

  • 4-Piece Chicken Supremes Combo
    171 votes

    4-Piece Chicken Supremes Combo

  • Cajun Filet Biscuit
    167 votes

    Cajun Filet Biscuit

  • Bo-Tato Rounds
    117 votes

    Bo-Tato Rounds

  • 4-Piece Chicken Supremes Snack
    56 votes

    4-Piece Chicken Supremes Snack

  • Bojangles Dirty Rice
    96 votes

    Bojangles Dirty Rice