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The Best Books About Cat Care

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List RulesBooks about cat breeds, cat care, cat training, and all things feline.

If you have, or will soon be getting a kitten or cat, at least one of the books on this list of the best books about cat care is a necessary purchase. Many of these books are new with the most updated science on physical health while others are more about the psychology of the kitten and have withstood the test of time. These books are classic and reliable if you or someone you know are trying to learn the best way to raise a cat in the home.

Domestication of a feline is no easy task. That's why official guides and handbooks, like the ASPCA Pet Care Guide For Kids cat edition and Cats for Dummies, are safe choices when you are shopping online for books about cat care. There are other options as well, such as Cat Care, Naturally which outlines Celeste Yarnall's approach to raising a cat, and The Cat Owner's Manual, Sam Stall's equally practical and worthwhile venture into advice on cat care.

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