The Best Books for First Graders

What are the best books for first graders? It depends, at least in part, on the child's reading level. By first grade, many children are ready to be done with board books (or picture books) and move on to other types of books. That's what this list includes: some of the best chapter books for 1st graders. Which books are the best? You decide, with your votes. Also, be sure to add any chapter books that your first grader loved/loves. Other parents will thank you!

When considering great books that first graders can read, the first factor must be the child's reading level. Kids progress at different rates, so you might have to try several different chapter books before you find the right fit. The books listed here are, for the most part, tried and true. They are among the greatest books to read to kids of all time, in fact. Many of them are part of a larger series of books, so if a first grader finds one that he or she just adores, there will be more reading to look forward to in the near future. Examples of some great first grade chapter books in a series are 'Dinosaurs Before Dark' (part of the Magic Tree House series), The Case of Hermie the Missing Hamster (the Jigsaw Jones Mysteries), 'Judy Moody' (part of a long, popular series of Judy Moody books) and 'Arthur's Birthday' (there are numerous great 'Arthur' books first graders might enjoy).

By the first grade, some children are more than ready to tackle some of the best, most classic books in children's literature. These include 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' (and many other brilliant Roald Dahl books), 'The Velveteen Rabbit,' 'Charlotte's Web' and of course, 'Stuart Little.'

Again, different kids read at different levels and they most definitely have wildly varying interests. The key here is to find a chapter book, or a book series, that your first grader can identify with, read easily (but not too easily!) and enjoy over and over.

If you've got babies or toddlers at home, check out this list of the best board books to find some potential new favorites. Happy reading!

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