The Best Books for Second Graders

What are the best books for second graders? A child in the second grade might be really getting into reading on their own. Picking the best chapter books for 2nd graders can be tricky, as each child might be reading at a different level. Some will easily breeze through the first few 'Harry Potter' books, while other children might just be starting out with reading on their own. Be sure to consider a child's reading level when choosing a books for them. This list includes a variety of age appropriate chapter books for children who are entering, or already in, grade two, but it isn't complete. Feel free to add your own book suggestions, and be sure to vote for your favorites, too.

Some of the greatest books to read to children are included on this list. Not surprisingly, classics like 'Charlotte's Web,' 'Lassie Come Home' and 'The Boxcar' children are among the best choices for second grade reading. Again though, it all depends on a child's reading level. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for the other.

The second grade is a great time to introduce children to the joys of reading a series of books. Popular series' for kids around this age include the 'Magic Tree House' books (by Mary Pope Osborne), the 'Chronicles of Narnia' series (C.S. Lewis), the 'A to Z Mysteries' (Ron Roy), the 'Warriors: Powers of Three series' (Erin Hunter) and the 'Encyclopedia Brown' series (Donald J. Sobol). If a child reads the first book in a great series, he or she will be hooked, instantly, and they'll immediately want to read more!

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