The 20 Most Badass Vault Hunters In The 'Borderlands' Series

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Characters must be playable and identify as a vault hunter in the 'Borderlands' series.

Attention all vault hunters, we are ranking the best vault hunters in the Borderlands series! From the very first Borderlands to Borderlands 3, this list covers every playable vault hunter across the entire franchise. The series features a wide cast of unique characters that are not only incredibly likable in their own way, but are extremely capable to face whatever challenges and enemies comes their way. Coming from all walks of life, these vault hunters have come to Pandora seeking incredible riches beyond their wildest dreams. 

Some of the best vault hunter in the Borderlands series has a unique character class that offers a variety of skills that can make them into an unstoppable force of nature and collector of loot. From trapping enemies with crazy space magic, to summoning wild animals against their foes, to punching every enemy in sight, the best vault hunter in the Borderlands series are able to get out of any situation. The top vault hunters on this list have a wide and unique skill tree that offers players a range of specs and builds that will have players hooked. Additionally, they will have a unique playstyle that is incredibly epic and worthy of being the absolute best. Which vault hunter do you think is the very best?

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    Photo: Gearbox Software

    Class: The Assassin

    Action Skill: Decepti0n

    Not much is known about the mysterious haiku speaking assassin, other than performing both political assassinations and common hits until he grew bored of them and became a vault hunter to challenge himself. Zero's action skill stands out as one of the strongest in the series as his surprise attacks in stealth mode is amplified to around 650% for melee damage, 200% for gun damage and 250% for critical hit damage.

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    Class: The Pyscho

    Action Skill: Buzz Axe Rampage

    Captured and experiemented on by Hyperion, he breaks out of the facility and roamed Pandora's wasteland like any other pyscho. However, that changed when he saved Maya at a train station and joined the Crimson Raiders to defeat Handsome Jack, and the Warrior. While his rampage action skill rewards players who wish to play as aggressive as possible, his internal struggle of trying to maintain his sanity in order to convey his feelings towards Maya is one the series best and most heartwarming moments.

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    Class: The Siren

    Action Skill: Phaselock

    Given to a cult at a young age after being discovered as a siren, Maya trained her powers in secret until she reached adulthood and traveled to Pandora to learn more about her Siren lineage. Maya differentiates from the other sirens on the list for her tactical Phaselock ability that suspends her enemies in the air for brief moments of time. In addition, her ability is considered as one of the strongest and most useful abilities in the entire series for its crowd control capabilities. 

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    Zane Flynt
    Photo: Gearbox Software

    Class: The Operative

    Action Skills: Digi-Clone, SNTNL, Barrier, MNTIS Shoulder Cannon

    Cheery and tactical, this black ops mercenary is the brother of the bandits Baron Flynt and Captain Flynt, both of which were bosses in Borderlands 1 and 2. As Zane traveled throughout the galaxy, he become one of the most capable operatives in the galaxy, doing odd jobs for the highest bidder that was until he has to go to Pandora to lay low for a while. Zane stands out as the only character who can use multiple action skills at once giving players a variety of options and approaches throughout their playthrough. 

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    Photo: Gearbox Software

    Class: Mechromancer

    Action Skill: Deathtrap

    The very first DLC character to be added to the series, Gaige is a high school student with a fascination with Vaults, Eridium, and Pandora. Gaige created Deathtrap as a preventive measure to anti-bullying, but inadvertently had to go on the run to Pandora when Deathtrap accidently attacked her snooty science fair rival. Deathtrap is one of the most useful action skill companions on the list due its upgradable attachments and destructive presecence on the battlefield.  

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    Class: The Hunter

    Action Skill: Bloodwing

    Originally from Artemis, Mordecai traveled from planet to planet with his trusty companion Bloodwing, searching for a better gun and unlimited cash. After defeating Handsome Jack, he later helps defeat the Children of the Vault Cult by taking on side missions with Brick and Tiny Tina forming Crimson Raiders: B-Team. Mordecai's use of Bloodwing is not only a fun gameplay mechanic that was seen in the first game, but one that players have become attached to as Bloodwing's death in Borderlands 2 is still one of the most heartbreaking deaths in the series.