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The Best 'Boruto' Villains

If you're not watching Boruto, the sequel series to Naruto that centers around Naruto Uzumaki's son, you're missing out on some seriously great villain action. While not every bad guy matches up to what the original series had to offer, the best Boruto villains are just as badass, if not moreso. Many of them have connections to former villains - for example, Shizuma Hoshigaki is a relative of Kisame's. Some are even former allies - who knew that Ao was going to join the villain's side? 

This is a list of all Boruto villains. Your missions, should you choose to accept it, is to vote up the best ones and vote down the ones that don't measure up. If you're anime-only, you may not be familiar with all of these villains just yet - Team Kara has yet to make their debut in the series. Rest assured, they're some of the most fascinating villains to appear so far. 

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  • Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki

    Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki

    Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki is a member of the Ōtsutsuki clan. He is capable of converting chakra into medicine that grants immortality.

  • Jigen


    Jigen is the leader of Kara. He possesses a mysterious power called the Kama mark, which may be obtained by taking out a member of the Ōtsutsuki clan.

  • Kawaki


    As a child, Kawaki was rescued from his abusive father, only to be used as a human weapon for the Kara organization. 

  • Koji Kashin

    Koji Kashin

    Koji Kashin is an inner member of Kara. Notably, he possesses many of the same abilities as Naruto's late mentor Jiraiya, and he is unusually interested in Naruto's son.

  • Kaguya Ōtsutsuki is the matriarch of the Ōtsutsuki clan, and the originator of all chakra and therefore all ninja powers.

  • Urashiki Ōtsutsuki

    Urashiki Ōtsutsuki

    Urashiki Ōtsutsuki is a member of the Ōtsutsuki clan. He's generally more laid back than the other members, but he's just as powerful.

  • Delta


    Delta is a key member of Kara whose true intentions are currently unknown. 

  • Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki

    Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki

    Kinshiki is a member of the Ōtsutsuki family who is willing to do almost anything that his son Momoshiki commands him to.

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  • Amado


    Amado is an inner member of Kara, who helped Jigen perform fatal experiments on children.

  • Shin Uchiha

    Shin Uchiha

    Not a true Uchiha, Shin is a former subject of Orochimaru's experimentation who is trying to revive the Akatsuki. 

  • Ao


    Ao used to be the Mizukage's most trusted advisor. Presumed deceased, he reappeared as a villain in Boruto.

  • Garō


    Garō is an outer member of Kara who deeply resents Kawaki for injuring him.

  • Sekiei


    Sekiei is an artificial human created to serve Ku. 

  • Kagura Karatachi

    Kagura Karatachi

    Kagura Karatachi is tricked by Shizuma Hoshigaki into supporting his goals, but ultimately comes around to a less violent opinion and stops being a villain. 

  • Shojoji


    Shojoji is the leader of the Mujina Bandits, of group of criminals that have abandoned their home villages.

  • Sumire Kakei

    Sumire Kakei

    Sumire Kakei was bred to get revenge on Konoha by her father, but ultimately puts aside his plan aside and becomes an ally to Boruto and his friends. 

  • Shizuma Hoshigaki

    Shizuma Hoshigaki

    Shizuma Hoshigaki is a vicious warrior whose goal is to restore Kirigakure to its "Bloody Mist" era.

  • Shin Uchiha's Clones

    Shin Uchiha's Clones

    Shin Uchiha's Clones were created through Orochimaru's experiments. They now exist to serve and obey Shin Uchiha, who they regard as their father.

  • Kū

    Kū is an artificial human who takes the teachings of his creator much too far and becomes dangerous.

  • Kokuyō


    Kokuyō is an artificial human created to serve Ku. 

  • Tosaka


    Tosaka is an ornithologist from the Land of Rivers. Though claiming to be trying to help, he actually conducts unethical and dangerous experiments involving Curse Seals.

  • Ichirōta Oniyuzu

    Ichirōta Oniyuzu

    Ichirōta Oniyuzu works with Shizuma Hoshigaki to bring back Kirigakure's formerly violent society.

  • Tanuki Shigaraki

    Tanuki Shigaraki

    Tanuki Shigaraki is a former member of Danzo's Root organization. He used his daughter to get revenge on Konoha.