The Funniest Comedians From Boston

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Who are the funniest comedians from Boston?  The state of Massachusetts has a rich history of producing some of the top comedians in the world. Boston comedians often take up the profession with a chip on their shoulder but can deliver jokes with the best of them. From charming Boston accents to Goodwill Hunting references to wicked smaht jokes, these Boston comics can seriously make audiences laugh. So, who is the funniest comedian from Boston? Which Boston stand up comedians do you love?  

When it comes to the best stand up comedians from Boston, Bill Burr should be up there with anyone. Hailing from Canton, the comic has one of the most popular stand up comedy specials in Netflix history. Other great Boston stand ups include Mike Birbiglia, Bo Burnham, Louis C.K., and Doug Stanhope.

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