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The Best Boston Red Sox Managers of All Time

Boston Red Sox managers have included some of the best in MLB history, but who is the best Boston Red Sox manager of all time? This list ranks every Boston Red Sox manager from best to worst according to the votes of baseball fans. Whether or not you're a Red Sox die-hard, you can vote up your top Boston Red Sox coaches and downvote any managers who keep the team from glory for the better part of a century.

Jimmy Collins was the Red Sox first manager, starting the job in 1901. He won a World Series in 1903 and was selected for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Terry Francona ended "The Curse of the Bambino" when he won the World Series in 2004. Francona would then win another World Series in 2007, but was that enough to put him on the list of the greatest MLB coaches ever?

Fans have been trying to determine the best Boston Red Sox skipper of all time for years. Now you can help figure out the answer. Just vote up the best and winningest Boston Red Sox managers, or even just the coaches you like the most. Feel free to rerank the whole list create your own version of Beantown's finest skippers.