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The Best Pitchers In Boston Red Sox History

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The best pitchers in Boston Red Sox history are all part of a long legacy of stellar pitching that stretches back to the early days of the sport. Whether they were starters who became a key part of a winning pitching rotation or relievers who filled out the back end of the pitching staff, all of these players have been integral to the Red Sox becoming a successful franchise.

Former stars like Tim Wakefield and Jon Lester appear below, as well as Hall of Fame starting pitchers like Cy Young and Pedro Martinez. Of course, there is Roger Clemens, who began his lengthy career as part of the Boston roster.

So vote up the top pitchers in Red Sox history. Help choose the players who contributed the most to the franchise over the years and those who helped the team win games when it mattered.

  • Pedro Martínez1

    Red Sox career: 1998-2004

    Red Sox WAR: 53.8

  • Cy Young2

    Red Sox/Americans career: 1901-1908

    Red Sox WAR: 64.3

  • Roger Clemens3

    Red Sox career: 1984-1996

    Red Sox WAR: 80.7

  • Luis Tiant4

    Red Sox Career: 1971-1978

    Red Sox WAR: 35.8

  • Lefty Grove5

    Red Sox Career: 1934-1941

    Red Sox WAR: 44.9

  • Jon Lester6

    Red Sox Career: 2006-2014

    Red Sox WAR: 30.3

  • Dennis Eckersley7

    Red Sox Career: 1978-1984, 1998

    Red Sox WAR: 21.9

  • Smoky Joe Wood8

    Red Sox Career: 1908-1915

    Red Sox WAR: 29.6

  • Dutch Leonard9

    Red Sox Career: 1913-1918

    Red Sox WAR: 27.8

  • Mel Parnell10

    Red Sox Career: 1947-1956

    Red Sox WAR: 27.4

  • Bill Lee11

    Red Sox Career: 1969-1978

    Red Sox WAR:18.8

  • Dick Radatz12

    Red Sox Career: 1962-1966

    Red Sox WAR: 18.2

  • Tex Hughson13

    Red Sox Career: 1941-1944, 1946-1949

    Red Sox WAR: 26.1

  • Tim Wakefield14

    Red Sox Career: 1995-2011

    Red Sox WAR: 32.7

  • Babe Ruth15

    Red Sox Career: 1914-1919

    Red Sox WAR: 20.6

  • Bill Monbouquette16

    Red Sox Career: 1958-1965

    Red Sox WAR: 21.2

  • Curt Schilling17

    Red Sox Career: 2004-2007

    Red Sox WAR: 17.7

  • Jonathan Papelbon18

    Red Sox Career: 2005-2011

    Red Sox WAR: 16.2

  • Ray Collins19

    Red Sox Career: 1909-1915

    Red Sox WAR: 24.7

  • Chris Sale20

    Red Sox Career: 2017-present

    Red Sox WAR: 15.1

  • Ellis Kinder21

    Red Sox Career: 1948-1955

    Red Sox WAR: 27.1

  • Bob Stanley22

    Red Sox Career: 1977-1989

    Red Sox WAR: 23.9

  • Bruce Hurst23

    Red Sox Career: 1980-1988

    Red Sox WAR: 19.6

  • Ernie Shore24

    Ernie Shore

    Red Sox Career: 1914-1917

    Red Sox WAR: 12.6

  • Joe Dobson25

    Red Sox Career: 1941-1943, 1946-1950, 1954

    Red Sox WAR: 21.6