The Best Bouquet Toss Songs

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Songs that are perfect for when the beautiful bride tosses her bouquet.

This list catalogs the absolute best songs to play during the bouquet toss at your wedding. Some of the songs are about female rivalry, others celebrate feminism. Either way this is a fun tradition that happens at all weddings, and requires an awesome playlist. Whether you choose "Lady Marmalade," Single Ladies," or "Love Is A Battlefield," you are bound to fall in love with this collection of wedding party hits. It'll have Grandma dancing like crazy running for that bouquet! 

Weddings are such a special moment in a person's life. Music accents every part of the wedding, especially the famed tradition of tossing the bouquet. At this moment, the bride throws out her bouquet of flowers to the dance floor. All the single ladies make a run for it in hopes of catching it. Legend has it, the lucky lady to catch the flowers will be the next person to get married. A sort of passing of the torch, but in this case it's not fire, it's flowers!  Clearly it doesn't always work that way, but it'd be funny if it did right?