The Best Movies And Series In The 'Bourne' Franchise

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The Bourne movies are based on the well-known book series written by Robert Ludlum and set itself apart from other action films at the time with its use of real stunts. They were further popularized by Matt Damon's performance which received generally positive reviews from critics. The films are listed with their release dates so you can watch them in chronological order or from best to worst, the choice is yours.

If you've ever asked yourself, how many Bourne films are there, you can look below for the answer. The Bourne films follow the titular character Jason Bourne as he attempts to separate himself from the Treadstone program which embeds assassins all over the world. There was a slight deviation from Jason Bourne when Jeremy Renner took over as the main protagonist in the Bourne Legacy film that served as the fourth installment in the film series. But which of the Bourne movies is the best? Will The Bourne Identity make it to the top of the list or could a follow up in the new series Treadstone take the top spot? You get to help decide with your votes.

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