The Best Boyfriends Of Superheroes In Comics

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Being in a normal relationship can be pretty hard at times - but could you imagine being the boyfriend of a superhero? The stress of living life as a superhero's boyfriend would just have to be close to unbearable. How does Steve Trevor live up to the standard of being Wonder Woman's boyfriend when she is the gosh-dang Wonder Woman? How does Midnighter date Apollo knowing he is a superhuman on par with Superman himself? How does Wyatt Wingfoot sleep at night knowing She-Hulk is out there battling all of the threats that come with being an Avenger?

Despite all of the anxiety and worrying that would come along with being the boyfriend of a superhero, the following significant others manage it with aplomb. No relationship is perfect and no boyfriend manages to be a great match at all times, but guys like Luke Cage and Malcolm Duncan definitely have their hearts in the right place. Trying to provide a stable foundation for your loved one may pale in comparison to putting up arms against cosmic baddies like Thanos and Darkseid, but it certainly is nothing to scoff at.


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    Steve Trevor (To Diana Prince)

    Steve Trevor (To Diana Prince)
    Photo: DC Comics

    The character of Steve Trevor, or at least some incarnation of him, has been around as long as Wonder Woman herself, with the first version hitting the streets in the pages of 1942's All-Star Comics #8, which also served as readers' introduction to Diana Prince. While the pair have had other romantic partners over their almost 80 years of comic book history, they generally always end up back together with each other. 

    Though Trevor is a capable soldier who has not only been a part of organizations like A.R.G.U.S. and Team 7, but also served in the Justice League, it is clear he is okay with the obvious truth that he'll never be able to live up to his significant other's sheer greatness. In Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman #9, Trevor tells Diana, "I am now, and I always will be, in your corner. Anywhere you go, anything you do, anything you need, it's yours. As long as I live, Diana."

    That is some serious dedication.

  • Oliver Queen (To Dinah Laurel Lance)
    Photo: DC Comics

    As is generally the case for any characters that have been around as long as Green Arrow and Black Canary, their relationship has seen numerous ups and downs over the years in the pages of DC Comics. Oliver Queen and Dinah Laurel Lance were married and eventually divorced, but with the advent of DC Rebirth, the pair have been thrust back together and have showcased why they are one of the defining couples of DC Comics as a whole.

    Benjamin Percy's run on Green Arrow showed the couple as two people who never leave when things get hard, sticking with each other through considerable thick and thin. Dinah pulls Oliver out of the fire numerous times throughout Percy's time on the book and Oliver is always there trying his best to reciprocate the love. Their relationship culminates in Green Arrow #38 when Oliver opens a foster home called the Dinah Lance Home for Wayward Kids, bringing her to tears.

  • Being in a relationship (and eventual marriage) with a superhero as volatile as Jessica Jones can't be the easiest thing in the world. Jessica is prone to drinking, quick to anger, and takes no crap from anyone. None of this is really all that surprising when taken in context of her harrowing abuse at the hands of mind-controlling supervillain the Purple Man. There is one man who has proven to be Jessica's perfect romantic foil: the wonderful hero-for-hire Luke Cage.

    Coming from a tormented background of his own, Luke can take all of Jessica's physical abuse (bulletproof skin!) and does his best to soften her hard edges. The pair have proven to be one of Marvel Comics' best parental duos, raising their loving daughter Danielle together despite living the Avengers lifestyle. At the end of 2006's New Avengers Annual #1, Jessica tells Luke just how she feels at their wedding altar. "I want you to know, I truly believe that together we are so much better than we are apart," she explains. "And not in that creepy way. Really, I'm inspired by you. I don't get lost in my head like I used to."

  • As far as "doomed and/or troubled relationships" go, there might not be a greater one than that of Scarlet Witch and the Vision. The connection between the synthetic man who just wants to be normal and the mutant magic-wielder whose true power is feared across the superhero community is one of the most touching and tragic storylines to spawn from the pages of Avengers comics.

    With the jump from page to screen finally being fully realized with the upcoming Disney+ series WandaVision, taking stock of the now-separated couple is more important than ever. The superpowered duo loved each other for who they are and found nothing to dread about their significant other. They even moved to the suburbs for a while and tried to live a quiet family life, ultimately striving to raise two sons (which ended up not being real... because Comic Books™). The pair eventually ended up splitting after the events of the "VisionQuest" storyline of West Coast Avengers where Vision was stripped of all his emotional capacity, though the relationship remains important in the comic zeitgeist thanks to both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and certain events in Tom King's 2015 Vision limited series.