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The 14 Greatest Anime Brawlers Of All Time

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The best anime fighters aren't always the obvious ones. Sure, they may be completely jacked, but they may also have small muscles that are deceptively strong. Either way, their fighting skills are not to be trifled with, as their opponents could attest. 

While there are plenty of anime characters with special abilities, the following brawlers don't rely on supernatural powers to defeat their enemies. Some of them do have incredible magical abilities that they use in battle, but they also have fast hands that can cause as much damage as any mystical power. Goku can use the Kamehameha, but he can also break an opponent's face with his fist. Makunouchi Ippo has no superpowers, but he's a trained boxer who uses a combination of technique and strength to win matches.

These anime fighters get into all types of brawls, and there's no denying how fun they are to watch.