The Best Brawlers In Wrestling History

In wrestling, you've got your high fliers, you've got your technicians, and you've got your straight up brawlers. So, this is a list of the best brawlers in wrestling history. You know, guys that just head down to the ring looking for a fight. Guys that don't really have any interest in submission moves, perfect-plexes, or flippy floppy flippy flips off the top rope. These guys are just looking to smash somebody's face in. These guys are looking to break bones, tear ligaments, crush, pound, and destroy. These guys aren't afraid to put on the crimson mask, THEY WELCOME IT! THEY WANT IT! These are wrestling's greatest brawlers of all time.

It's your time to vote, Rankermaniacs. Just who is the best brawler in the history of wrestling? Who is your favorite "roughneck" wrestler ever to enter the squared circle? Vote for your favorite now!
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