The Best Breakup Songs Of 2018

UPDATED: Check out the best new breakup songs of 2019!

What are the best breakup songs of 2018? A good breakup song encapsulates the feelings of grief, anger, and resentment that come when a relationship ends. Whether you're looking for rap, pop, R&B, EDM, or country, the best songs about breaking up can be angry, contemplative, sad, or even express a sense of gratitude. Below, you'll find a comprehensive list of new music that detail heartbreak. For something completely opposite, check out the best love songs of 2018.

The most popular recent songs about broken relationships and getting over someone encapsulate feelings that appeal to a wide audience. Regardless of the angle they take on love lost, these songs top the charts for a reason. In 2018, they managed to poetically capture the dissolution of a relationship in song. If you're in need of some post-breakup solace, browse this list to find the newest songs to match your mood! 

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  • Changes


    994 votes
  • Lucid Dreams

    Lucid Dreams

    725 votes
  • Without Me

    Without Me

    389 votes
  • thank u, next

    thank u, next

    773 votes
  • SAD!


    770 votes
  • Without Me

    Without Me

    245 votes