The Best Breakup Songs of 2019

Updated: check out our list of the best breakup songs of 2020!

Ease the pain with the best breakup songs of 2019. Nobody likes breakups, but hopefully these new 2019 songs about breaking up will help you move on, forget about the past, or even mend your broken heart. Regardless of your relationship status, these 2019 breakup songs are also just good songs, so check them out. If you want more, take a look at the best breakup songs of 2018.

From R&B and rap to country and pop, the top breakup songs of 2019 cover a variety of genres with new music from the biggest artists. Vote up the best 2019 breakup songs, and add any good songs about getting over someone if they're missing from the list. Warning: these songs might make you feel sad or angry; if that's the case, get in a good mood with the best dance songs of 2019.

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