The Best Brian Episodes of 'Family Guy'  

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Every character in the Griffin family is essential to Family Guy, and yet without Brian Family Guy would be borderline unwatchable. After all, Peter is an unlikable oaf, Stewie is a homicidal maniac, Lois is sadly forgettable, Chris is Chris, and the whole family hates Meg. Since Family Guy's debut in 1999, Brian has been a lot of things, from a liberal caricature to a failed writer to a talking dog that loves a good martini. But as he's cycled through all of those personalities Brian Griffin has remained one thing; the straight man that says what we're thinking about everyone else in the Family Guy universe.

Some of the best Family Guy episodes are the ones that are completely Brian-centric, as the family dog's seeming normality allows the writers to throw him into abnormal situations. While fans and former fans of the show can complain about quality decline over the show's 17 seasons, the best Brian episodes always feel like classic Family Guy simply because Brian, ironically, has kept his humanity throughout the entire run of the series.

So let's start working on our novel, hump someone's leg to get a dry martini, and read this list instead of reading nothing because it's time to rank the best Brian episodes of Family Guy

Brian & Stewie is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Brian Episodes of 'Family Guy'
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Brian and Stewie try to hatch an escape plan after they are locked in a bank vault; includes fan-favorite and previously unseen musical numbers. Their dilemma plays out in real time as they figure out how to escape.

Original Airing: May 02 2010

Season: Family Guy - Season 8

Episode Number: 17

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Barely Legal is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Brian Episodes of 'Family Guy'
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Meg cannot find a date for the junior prom, so Brian goes with her. Events after the dance cause feelings to spiral out of control.

Original Airing: Dec 17 2006

Season: Family Guy - Season 5

Episode Number: 8

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Road to Rhode Island is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Brian Episodes of 'Family Guy'
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After Stewie is banished from his grandparents' house, Brian takes a trip to retrieve the terrible tyke. Missing their return plane, Brian and Stewie travel cross-country on foot.

Original Airing: May 30 2000

Season: Family Guy - Season 2

Episode Number: 13

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Brian: Portrait of a Dog is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Brian Episodes of 'Family Guy'
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Brian takes the bully pulpit to argue for his rights after Peter enters him in a dog show to win $500 for a new air conditioner.

Original Airing: May 16 1999

Season: Family Guy - Season 1

Episode Number: 7

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