The Very Best Bridal Magazines, Ranked

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Brides to be have their work cut out for them and a subscription to some good bridal magazines can help! These publications are full of guidance on wedding planning! Looking for the best wedding theme? Wondering how to organize your guest list? Need help selecting the perfect attire? A variety of popular publications about wedding planning can help, but which magazine is worth a monthly subscription? Here, you'll find a ranked list of bridal magazines! 

Magazines about weddings vary in content, but there are such a wide array of choices there's truly something for everyone out thereBrides has been exploring the current bridal trends since 1934. The Knot Magazine is an all-inclusive guide to planning a wedding of any size. Other magazines for brides may focus on a specific city, theme, or location. Whatever you're looking for, browse this list of wedding magazines and be sure to vote up the best bridal magazines. If you see anything missing, feel free to add it below! 

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