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The Very Best British Soap Operas, Ranked

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Heightened drama and ridiculously long feuds keep viewers coming back for more in the best British soap operas. The top British soap opera shows tell ongoing stories about characters who would do anything for each other - and others who would betray their own families to get ahead. This is a list of the best British soap operas, including everything from Doctors to Take the High Road.

What series will you find on this list of the greatest British soap operas? EastEnders has been broadcast on BBC One since 1985, making it one of the longest-running British soaps. The show is set in the fictional borough of Walford, and features stories surrounding several members of the community. Miracles Take Longer is another popular British soap opera. Coronation Street has featured several amazing actors over the years, including Ben Kingsley and Ian McKellen. Other good British soap operas featured on this list include The Newcomers, Weavers Green, and Starr and Company.

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