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The 30+ Best British Superheroes in Comic Book History

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Like it or not, the British have been some of the most important players in world affairs for hundreds of years, and if comics have anything to say about it that won't be going away any time soon. The best British superheroes exemplify all the traits that make their country great: fortitude, intelligence, and the need to be right about everything. Some British heroes are so transparent in their patriotism it's almost comical. Captain Britain and Union Jack especially are essentially walking British flags that eliminate crime and flaunt their super powers. It's easy to think all British super heroes would be so blatant, but that isn't always the case.

In fact, many British characters you've read on the page you probably didn't know were actually British in origin. Psylocke, for example, started out as a supporting character in Captain Britain's adventures before having her mind transferred to the body of a Japanese ninja. Even Blade, a character many associate with America, was actually born in Britain under the horrible circumstances that led to his condition as a "Daywalker."

The X-Men also love their heroes from the U.K., with Banshee, Pixie, Chamber, Meggan, and Moira Mactaggert all hailing from oversees and playing in important roles in the hardships mutants everywhere have faced. Also, while he originated in books, the famous British hero Alan Quartermain was central to Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, one of his most celebrated works. Astonishing X-Men writer Warren Ellis also created Jenny Sparks for The Authority. Jenny was not only as British as they come, but also the leader of the team and defender of the planet. And let's not forget John Constantine, who is the most beloved supernatural detective this on side of existence. So, if you love your union jacks, tea, and awesome heroes, check out the list of the best British superheroes below and vote for your favorite!