The Very Best British Teen Shows, Ranked

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Teenagers' lives are full of drama, making them the perfect subjects for entertaining television. The top British teen shows combine elements of humor and pathos to tell engaging stories to fans of all ages. This is a list of the best British teen shows, including everything from Grange Hill to Teenage Health Freak to Harry and Cosh.

What series will you find on this list of the greatest British teen shows? Skins follows a group of teens in Bristol as they deal with a variety of issues, including depression, substance abuse, and sexuality. Nicholas Hoult, Hannah Murray, and Mike Bailey starred in the first generation of the series. Hollyoaks is another popular British teen TV show. Young Dracula tells the story of a bloodsucking family from Transylvania as they adjust to life in the small town of Stokey following a move. Other good British teen shows featured on this list include British teen dramas such as Sugar Rush and Byker Grove.

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