The Best Bro Country Bands/Artists

Over the past few years, a new genre has emerged within country music that has had fans within the genre grappling over the soul of country music. Bro country has been either the best thing to happen to country or the worst, depending on your point of view. It can be seen as a derogatory term, or endearing. With the rising popularity of singers like Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line, all of which include bro/heavlily masculine themes in their songs, country music has expanded to college dudes and frat guys who love nothing than to get their drink on and party while listening to a slicked up brand of country music. These country artists are making some of the best country songs of 2018.

Most of the singers are men. Experts say the genre started in the late '90s when Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places" first shot to prominence. Since then, singing about trucks, beer, chicks and stuff like that. In fact, New York Magazine‘s Jody Rosen actually is the person who came up with the term “bro country.” Broadly, it refers to “music by and of the tatted, gym-toned, party-hearty young American white dude. So you get the point: this list is about these type of fellas.

This is the list of the budding genre of bro country. If you notice someone is missing from this list, feel free to add them to this list. Vote or re-rank this list according to how you deem fit.

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