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Lisa Waugh
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WARNING: Comedy Central's awesome BFF comedy includes profanity, sexual situations, drug usage, and some pretty hilarious Broad City friend moments that are completely adorable and NSFW.

Broad City has captured the hearts of Millennial women everywhere by perfectly portraying what it means to be broke, young, and still figuring out life in the big city. The Broad City BFF moments between stars Abbi and Ilana, two completely opposite yet perfectly complimentary ladies, are what make the show (and web series) wonderful.

Together, the girls have created hilarious Broad City friend moments that will make you cringe, scream, and laugh till you cry. There’s the time Ilana made poop disappear from Abbi's apartment during Hurricane Sandy. That time Ilana got Abbi hopped up on painkillers and lost her in Brooklyn. Or when Abbi carried Ilana’s inflamed and swelling body out of a fancy restaurant. So many Broad City BFF moments, there’s nearly one in every episode!

How many of us could sit through our best friend’s boyfriend’s terrible improv and not have a fight? The Broad City girls can handle it. What if black-out drinking causes an alter ego to emerge? No problem. Or if someone is forced to spend the day in a hole while their best friend attends a dog wedding? Another one of those Broad City BFF moments that makes friendship look effortless.

Which of these Broad City friend moments is the best? Tap into your inner Broad City self, and maybe even let Val doing the voting.
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A Typical Skype Moment

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They girls get high and Skype, with Oprah watching. This is the epitome of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s friendship. We feel like they probably act this way all the time in real life. We're just happy we get to see it on TV.
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That Time Ilana Took Care of Abbi When She Got Her Wisdom Teeth Out

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Okay, so Ilana is not the best caregiver in the world, but at least she managed to keep Abbi alive after she got her wisdom teeth out. After feeding Abbi too many pain pills, painting her face up like a clown, and giving her a weed shake… Abbi goes on a drug-induced dream with life-size plush toy Bingo Bronson. Ilana does manage to track her down, finding her on a spending spree at Whole Foods in Brooklyn. This happens to all besties, right?
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When Ilana Made Abbi Watch Her Boyfriend’s Improv

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We’ve all been there. The reason Illana and Abbi are friends is because they will commit to the bitter end. Ilana is embarrassed that this guy was ever “inside her” and can’t get enough, like watching a car accident. Abbi is a good sport who can never un-see Tyler’s "comedy."
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When a High Abbi Did an Amazing Drew Barrymore

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You know when you’re high on painkillers and you do a killer Drew Barrymore impression before blood gushes out of your mouth? Yeah, this is a perfect Abbi and Ilana moment.