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The Best Broadway Plays of the 2000s

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List RulesTheatre productions that played on Broadway between 2000 and 2009

What are the best Broadway plays from the 2000s? This list has been ranked by theater lovers to determine the best shows on Broadway that opened in the 2000s, a decade of redefinition for theatrical plays that moved toward commercial success and box office numbers. Though many critics might argue that Broadway shows are dying, the 2000s saw Broadway become more of a tourist attraction, rather than a creative outlet as it once was during the golden era of Broadway. However, there were still many popular, great plays on Broadway in the 2000s, but which were the best?

The 2000s saw Broadway favor corporate sponsorships over sole producers, leading to productions of a grand scale. Musical Broadway dominated the 2000s with shows such as Avenue Q and Spring Awakening, but non-musical Broadway plays including August: Osage County, saw success on and off the stage. The dark comedy opened in 2007 and ran for over 600 performances, winning a host of Tony Awards as well as critical acclaim. 

The decade also saw an emergence of original Broadway plays turning toward film adaptations and the rise or revivals from Broadway's golden era. Like August: Osage County, other plays including Doubt: A Parable were turned into films, starring celebrities such as Meryl Streep and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Could film adaptations bring more attention and interest to their Broadway counterparts?  

What are the top plays on Broadway from the 2000s? What are the best non-musical Broadway shows of the 2000s? Cast your votes below for the best Broadway plays that opened in the 2000s.
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