The Best Broadway Stars of the 21st Century

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Best Broadway stars who've performed during the 21st cenutry.
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This list ranks all of the greatest stars to have performed on Broadway during the 21st century, young and old, male and female. From newcomers such as Lea Michelle and Fantasia Barrino to those with extensive Broadway experience such as Tyne Daly and Estelle Parsons, whoare the best Broadway performers of the 21st century?

Some of the best Broadway stars of the 21st century have launched their Broadway careers after long and successful histories as television and movie actors. Stars like Toni Collette and Denzel Washington have all found success on stage, after their great success on screen.

Of course, some stars who’ve graced Broadway in the 21st century are continuing their Broadway legacies. Tyne Daly, featured in a 2014 production of Mothers and Sons, began her Broadway career in 1967. Her performances over the years have been so great, in fact, that she won a Tony Award - she earned the Tony for Best Actress in a Musical in 1990 for her portrayal of Rose in Gypsy.

These are the Broadway stars to watch in the 21st century. Some play dramatic roles, while others are known for their amazing singing voices, but either way, they’re all the greatest the century has to offer in terms of theater actors. Cast your votes below for the best Broadway stars of the 21st century and see how the performers you think are great rank!

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