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The Best Characters On 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

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It’s time to get toit! We’re ranking the best characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The detective-centered sitcom first premiered on Fox in 2013 but was dropped after just five seasons. Lucky for us, NBC picked up the series and is still running strong.

Detective Jake Peralta knows a thing or two solving a case, but is he your favorite character? With so many awesome and hilarious characters to choose from, you’re definitely not shy of options. Are you feeling charmed by Rosa Diaz’s cool and cold demeanor, or is Terry Jeffords your main man? Charles Boyle is like the best friend you never wanted (but in a good way!) and Hitchcock and Scully are always good for a few laughs. And we can't forget Captain Holt, who at this exact moment is probably working overtime to make sure everyone’s getting their work done. 

Vote up your favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters and watch as they climb the ranks.

  • Detective Jake Peralta
    Photo: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / NBCUniversal Television Distribution

    I wasn't hurt that badly. The doctor said all my bleeding was internal. That's where the blood's supposed to be.

    • Played By: Andy Samberg
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  • Coat, coat, jacket, coat. Is this a police precinct or a Turkish bazaar?

    • Played By: Andre Braugher
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  • Sergeant Terry Jeffords
    Photo: Fox

    This is taking too long! I'm gonna miss the farmer's market!

    • Played By: Terry Crews
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  • Doug Judy/ Pontiac Bandit
    Photo: user uploaded image

    Doug Judy/ Pontiac Bandit

    Hate the guy. Stole from my mom, burned our house down. Worst of all, he ran off with my LP of Phil Collins' "No Jacket Required." It's my favorite album. Haven't heard it in 20 years.

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