The Best Holiday Episodes On Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Whether it's a yearly Christmas episode the ends with the main characters cozying up around the Christmas tree, or a fun-filled Halloween episode that captures the best spooky feelings and makes you feel like a kid again, there's really nothing on TV like a classic holiday special. Even when you know the episode was filmed months before the holiday, with fake snow on the landscape and fake food on the table here's something about watching a holiday episode of your favorite TV show that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

For fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the holiday episodes of the series have always felt truly special. From the precinct being fully decked out for the season, to the yearly hijinks that have now become Nine-Nine traditions every season, the best Brooklyn Nine-Nine holiday episodes manage to feel like throwbacks to classic sitcom episodes while still being completely fresh and original. Like everything that's great about Brooklyn Nine-Nine, its holiday TV episodes can be counted on year after year to make us laugh, to make us feel, and to make us wish we worked in a place as toit as the Nine-Nine.

Even if it's not that time of year, you better prepare for the Halloween Heist, get Terry some yogurt, and say yippee ki yay motherfudger because it's time to rank the list of the best Brooklyn Nine-Nine holiday episodes. Cool cool cool cool!

  • Yippie Kayak
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    Yippie Kayak

    Under the ruse of buying a gift for Amy (which is really a gift for Boyle), Jake gets trapped in a store with Boyle and Gina after it closes and finds there is a robbery being committed by a team of thugs who take employees as hostages. This gives Jake a chance to play out a real-life version of the movie Die Hard. Terry is forced to deal with the Vulture to ensure that the hostage situation is handled properly. Meanwhile, Amy attempts to join Holt and Rosa in a Polar Club swim.

    • Original Airing: December 13, 2015
    • Season: 3
    • Episode Number: 10
  • Christmas
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    When Holt receives a number of death threats, Jake is elated when he is assigned by the chief to be Holt's protection detail, allowing Jake to monitor Holt and boss him around. Amy tries to make the perfect Christmas card to give to Holt with Gina's help. Terry sees a therapist for a psych evaluation so he can go back into the field.

    • Original Airing: December 3, 2013
    • Season: 1
    • Episode Number: 11
  • HalloVeen
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    On the fifth annual Halloween heist, all members of the squad try to capture the champion cummerbund. Charles, Rosa, and Terry team up to form "The Tramps", as none of them have won the heist yet. Amy figures out Jake's plan and finds the cummerbund, but it is revealed that Jake changed the inscription on the belt from "amazing human/genius" to "Amy Santiago, will you marry me?" Amy accepts Jake's proposal and the two become engaged. While he is happy for them, Captain Holt is slightly upset by the fact that no one technically won the heist, since Jake changed the belt.

    • Original Airing: October 17, 2017
    • Season: 5
    • Episode Number: 4
  • The Pontiac Bandit Returns
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    The Pontiac Bandit Returns

    Jake and Rosa manage to capture the Pontiac Bandit, Doug Judy, who negotiates a deal in exchange for information on the ringleader of the Giggle Pig ring, Tito Ruiz. Meanwhile, Charles and Gina discover a Christmas gift from Charles' father to Gina's mother and determine to sabotage their parents' relationship. While making a collage for Capt. Holt, Amy discovers a mistake in one of the Captain's past cases.

    • Original Airing: December 7, 2014
    • Season: 2
    • Episode Number: 10
  • Captain Latvia
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    Captain Latvia

    The Nine-Nine precinct attempts to defeat the MTA Police in the annual Christmas singing competition. Meanwhile, Boyle and Jake attempt to track down the imported toy that Charles bought Nicolaj for Christmas, and find themselves infiltrating the Latvian mob.

    • Original Airing: December 13, 2016
    • Season: 4
    • Episode Number: 10
  • Halloween IV
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    Halloween IV

    A year after Halloween Part III, Jake, Amy, and Holt agree on having another heist to prove once and for all who is, in fact, the true detective/genius in the 99. Holt begins to thwart Jake plans by choosing Charles for his team, while Rosa fully commits to Amy's antics. Meanwhile, Hitchcock and Scully are given the task to watch Terry, as the crew suspects he has something up his sleeve when he refuses to be a part of the heist. Gina proves who the "Ultimate Human/Genius" is.

    • Original Airing: October 18, 2016
    • Season: 4
    • Episode Number: 5