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Top 5 Film Portrayals of Bruce Lee

Updated 15 Oct 2019 5.2k views5 items

For some reason, despite a trove of history and material to choose from, not as many Bruce Lee biopics exist as you would think there would be. Though a few films try to tell his sprawling and inspiring story, the process of finding Bruce Lee actors to match the moves and skills of the mutli-hyphenate martial artist is easier said than done. However, some Bruce Lee clones out there might make you check your eyesight after you see them in a film, even if not all of them portrayed the master of the one inch punch in the ways you may think. The best Bruce Lee portrayals find something interesting about the man who they’re putting on screen and milk that for all it’s worth.

Some actors go for the heart and hi-YAH's of Lee, while others go completely left field with the entire situation and take the audience on an entertaining if not entirely accurate portrayal of the Dragon. A multi-faceted man both on and off screen, Lee gives these actors much to work with in terms of personality, but his magnetic charisma and charm appear to be traits that are his alone. That being said, some actors attempted to channel it in their own way, to varying degrees of success. And if you're a fan, check out our list of Bruce Lee's best movies.

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