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21 Of Bruce Willis's Most Memorable One-Liners

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From action movie classics to Disney films, Bruce Willis has played a wide range of characters over his long career. But whatever his role may be, you can always count on the fact that Bruce Willis one-liners are sure to be the best part of the film. Known best for his wise-cracking, edgy characters, Bruce Willis' best quotes are a crucial part of the pop culture vocabulary. While some lines could be cringe-worthy in the hands of another actor, Willis delivers each statement with such sincerity and aggression that we can't help but get on board. 

From the iconic Die Hard role that turned him into an action hero to classics like Pulp Fiction, Willis always manages to deliver quotes that we just can't get out of our heads. It's undeniable - Willis is the master of the witty one-liner. Take a look at some of his most memorable quotes below, and vote up the one-liners that you'll never forget. 

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