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The Best Bryson Tiller Albums, Ranked

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We're ranking the best Bryson Tiller albums of all time. One of the best R&B singers of 2019, Bryson Tiller's discography features several popular songs, like "Don't" and "Run Me Dry." What is the greatest Bryson Tiller album ever?

From his debut album Trapsoul to his 2017 album True to Self, this list of Bryson Tiller albums also includes his 2011 mixtape Killer Instinct Vol.1.

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    1. Intro (Difference)
    2. Let Em' Know
    3. Exchange
    4. For However Long
    5. Don't 
    6. Open Interlude
    7. Ten Nine Fourteen
    8. The Sequence
    9. Rambo
    10. 502 Come Up 
    11. Sorry Not Sorry
    12. Been That Way 
    13. Overtime 
    14. Right My Wrongs 

    • Release Date: 2015
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    True to Self

    1. Rain on Me (Intro)
    2. No Longer Friends
    3. Don't Get Too High
    4. Blowing Smoke
    5. We Both Know
    6. You Got It
    7. In Check
    8. Self-Made 
    9. Run Me Dry 
    10. High Stakes 
    11. Rain Interlude 
    12. Teach Me a Lesson 
    13. Stay Blessed 
    14. Money Problems / Benz Truck 
    15. Set It Off 
    16. Nevermind This Interlude 
    17. Before You Judge 
    18. Somethin Tells Me 
    19. Always (Outro) 

    Pitchfork score: 6.6/10

    • Release Date: 2017
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    Killer Instinct Vol.1

    1. First Call (Intro) 
    2. Paranoid (Prod by Kanye West)
    3. Opinions (Prod by Koncept)
    4. Trust Issues (Prod by 40 Adrian X)
    5. Newbie (Prod by Flawless)
    6. Love Faces (Prod by Troy Taylor)
    7. T.N.N (feat. MvP) (Prod by Koncept)
    8. Mastermind (Prod by Kountdown)
    9. He Don't (Prod by Johnny Juliano)
    10. Godzilla (feat. MvP) (Prod by Zilla Beats)
    11. Second Call (Interlude)
    12. House Party (feat. Elliott Nichols) (Prod by Koncept)
    13. Twettle BOMB (feat. MvP) (Prod by Sneak)
    14. Vicki Secret (feat. MvP) (Prod by JD)
    15. Sure Thing (feat. J-Shipp) (Prod by Happy Perez)
    16. Hardcore (Prod by Write Time)
    17. Hit By Love Again (feat. Cole Kane) (Prod by Mimi)
    18. We Will (feat. MvP) (Prod by T-Minus)
    19. I Know How to Party (Prod by The Legion)
    20. Thank You RnB (Prod by Tek)
    21. Last Call (Outro)

    • Release Date: 2011
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