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The Best Bubble Yum Flavors of All Time

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The best Bubble Yum flavors are credited as the first-ever soft bubble gum. Introduced in 1975 by LifeSavers and The Hershey Company, Bubble Yum was marketed as softer and more chewable than any other bubble gum on the market. Terrifying rumors began to spread that Bubble Yum was so chewable because its main ingredient was spider eggs. That. Is. Horrifying. LifeSaver's dispelled the rumors in a New York Times editorial in hopes of restoring the public's faith in their product. Spider eggs were never found in any packs of Bubble Yum, and the product quickly surpassed LifeSavers in sales in the early 1980s. 

The best Bubble Yum flavors include: Bubble Yum Cotton Candy Bubble Gum, Bubble Yum Original Bubble Gum, Bubble Yum Original Sugarless Bubble Gum, Bubble Yum, Sour Apple Berry Bubble Gum, Bubble Yum with Jolly Rancher Watermelon Flavor Bubble Gum, Bubble Yum Spearmint, and Bubble Yum Strawberry-Banana.  

Vote for your favorite Bubble Yum flavor below! If there's any that we left out, please feel free to add them to the list. (Minus the spider eggs, obviously.)