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The Best Pokemon to Choose as Your Buddy in Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go finally released the long-rumored buddy system for their revolutionary augmented reality game and it’s even better than anyone thought it would be. Basically you can choose one Pokemon to be your buddy while you’re walking the streets looking for gyms to take over, and while you’re walking your buddy earns candy that allows them to evolve. Neat! But what’s the best buddy for Pokemon Go? That really depends on what you want to accomplish with your buddy. Do you want to build up one buddy to be the baddest buddy on the block? Or do you want to spread the love and make every Pokemon your best Pokemon Go buddy? Maybe you just love Jigglypuff and will hear no other ideas. As with all things in life, the choice is up to you.

Everyone who plays Pokemon Go has a favorite pocket monster whose evolutions they like to witness time and time again, so obviously you already know which are going to be your best buddies in Pokemon Go. But there is a strategy to choosing something to be your buddy. Thankfully you’re not stuck with one Pokemon as your buddy for the duration of the game and you can switch it up as you see fit. But it still begs the question, which Pokemon should be your buddy?

Vote up the best Pokemon to use as your buddy, and if you don’t see your preferred mon of poke on this list, feel free to add them for others to consider as a PokePal.