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The Best Buffalo Wild Wings Flavors

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A list of all the Buffalo Wild Wings flavors, ranked by fans of both hot sauce and wings. All BW3 flavors are for both traditional and boneless wings, are sauces and seasonings and range from mild to wild with everything in between. The list asks, “What is the best flavor from Buffalo Wild Wings?” Every flavor of Buffalo Wild Wings has a picture next to it, to show what the wings look like with the sauce on them or to see what the colors to determine the spiciness of the flavor of the sauce or seasoning.

Known for its variety, BW3 has 21 flavors of sauce, including Spicy Garlic, Lemon Pepper Seasoning, Jammin' Jalapeno, and many more. You can vote on all of your favorite BDubs sauces, and the list order will change with every vote that’s cast. Buffalo Wild Wings opened in 1982 and now has a store open in almost every U.S. state. Each location contains beer, wings, sports, and of course BWW sauces, as their selling points. Many locations feature events such as trivia as well as local menu items.

The first location of BW3 opened in Columbus, Ohio, and has been expanding ever since. That's good news for lovers of BW3 sauces everywhere. Are your favorite Buffalo Wild Wing flavors at the top of the list? Start voting to get them there, and let the world know which BWW wing flavors have you hankering for another round. On this list, we'll finally decide which of the Buffalo Wild Wings sauces is best.