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The Best Things To See At A Buffet

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List RulesFood items you pile on your plate or in your bowl only. Vote up the foods you always make sure to get and are most disappointed to not see.

A buffet offers freedom to choose - and often the freedom of piling your plate as high as you like - but what foods are are the best of the buffet line? No matter what kind of buffet we go to, from a classy casino buffet to an all-you-can-eat buffet chain, there are always dishes we're hoping to see. Sure, it's easy and fun to take a chance on a suspicious dish at a buffet, but the best buffet foods are ones you can rely on if your gamble doesn't pay off.

There are buffet backbones like salad bars, carving stations, and potatoes baked and fried. There are also fancy foods like crab legs and fondue, that are game changers when it comes to the best foods at a buffet. Almost anything at a buffet can be a "bar" - with interactive stations allowing you to make omelets, baked potatoes, waffles, and more. Are these flexible foods the best things to eat at a buffet?

What are your go-to buffet foods? Vote up the best buffet items that you can rely on. Add any of the best main course and side dish buffet foods we've forgotten, no drinks or desserts.