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15 Best Buy Employees Are Sharing What It's Like Working For Tech Superstore

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Best Buy is one of the biggest tech stores in America! As soon as you walk in, there are tons of electronics and friendly employees who are willing to answer all your questions. Current and former employees of the tech chain are sharing first-hand experiences about what it's like on the job, and it's pretty interesting. Check it out!

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    A Drive For Instructions

    From Redditor /u/Ghostspider1989

    Has a guy buy the Arlo cameras. He couldn't set it up. He showed me the setup on his phone. We got to a step where he was stuck.

    "Look, I don't know what to do here!"

    I looked at his phone and.... the screen said: "Scan the QR code on the bottom of the camera."

    I asked him if he read it.

    He said no.

    All the man had to do... was literally...  read the instructions. But instead, he drove all the way back to the store and ask one of us for help.

    It was pretty incredible really.

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    A Love Letter

    From Redditor /u/BeefJyrkii

    Manufacturers' warranties are literally so confusing. Except Sony’s, from what I’ve heard from the rep is Sony will send a consultant to your house to decide if they will replace it.

    Getting to meet all the brand Reps is so Cool, I’ve met the Sony rep who explained why their Z series 75” is 10k when OLEDS and QLEDS blow it out of the water. The Bose rep gave me a really cool tutorial on the sound touches and the Waves. The LG rep came into the store my first month and was a secret shopper. I’m happy I came clean when we first started talking that I was new and didn’t know a lot about the TVS but would try to answer all her questions. Thank god I didn’t try to bullshit my way out of that one.

    A lot of people ask for things that do not exist. I really wanna help you but I can’t if technology has not gotten there.

    A lot of customers come in to buy their 65” TV and want me to fit it in their 96 Buick. Where do you suppose I fit this.

    There are dog treat dispensers for when you’re not home and want to give your dog a treat. Never sold one, but I might buy one.

    Some of you Employees are literal geniuses, you know everything about every TV. I wish I knew as much as you guys did.

    People really like taking Sonos Connect Amps from us.

    Our computers are extremely slow sometimes and I’m sorry if any customer is reading this.

    People still think we work on commission and are baffled when I try and sell them the thing that’s going to fix their problem. “$100 for this are you serious. I bet you’re going to get a good cut” No Janet, I make minimum wage and the store literally makes 25 cents from this sale”

    Customers really actually do use the “oh it didn’t scan it’s free” thing. nope, there are 42 different barcodes on here, I’m trying to find it. It’s not free and you’re not funny. But I’ll laugh because I think you are a cool person.

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    Some Highlights

    From Redditor /u/Ceraunius

    - Guy buys a brand new PSP for his four-year-old nephew. Nephew drops the PSP on the pool deck, and it plunges into the water. A guy comes back the next day and demands a refund, screaming and hollering, then tries to grab my manager by the collar when he can't get one. I would have loved to see him try, my manager was a big ol' dude who could probably bench press the angry douchebag. He leaves when we threaten to call the cops.

    - Woman insists that her grandson told her that he wants Mario on Xbox. I explain to her that Mario is owned by Nintendo, and Microsoft owns the Xbox. The two don't mix. She insists that her grandson is right, and spends ten minutes yelling at me for it before storming out.

    - Had a group of three guys come in who were stoned. Nothing too unusual about that, except these guys were carrying fifteen unopened copies of the same game that TOTALLY WEREN'T TAKEN, DUDE. We process it anyway because we have to.

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    An Angry Printer Owner

    From Redditor /u/christimesfive

    So I’ve only been with the company for about a year but I work phones/customer service so I’ve had a few encounters with [bad] customers.

    First, one that pops in my head is a guy who was trying to return a printer because it stopped working. I ask for his receipt, he doesn’t have it. So I ask if he has a rewards account, he does, and he hasn’t purchased anything from us for about a year. I ask when he bought the printer and he says “oh about 2 or 3 years ago.” I proceed to tell him there’s literally nothing we can do, it’s a 50 dollar printer and he got his money’s worth.

    He gets angry and asks if he could get a discount on a new printer since he bought it from us, I say no, he wants to talk to a manager. The warehouse supervisor comes over, tells him exactly what I did, so the guy throws his hands in the air and starts ranting about how we are a terrible company that won’t stand behind our products. He ditches his printer and leaves.