Best "By Age 35" Jokes For Millennials To Follow

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Anyone familiar with the unsteady global economy and millennial lifestyles in general understands that life goals have shifted for this generation. In their own misguided attempt at understanding, MarketWatch wrote some words on where a millennial should be by age 35 in January 2018, prompting a swift response from the internet in the form of "by age 35" jokes.

MarketWatch says at 35 you should have double your salary in savings; y'know, just a standard 50K. Naturally, this misguided millennial advice attracted tons of ridicule on Twitter, considering most of this population make far less than even 40k a year. "By age 35" tweets make light of this terrible advice by naming their own goals for their 30s. As outrageous as this humor gets, many of these joking goals sound more achievable than saving 50K while paying back 30K in student loans.

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    Wait, Weren't They?


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    Hanging Out


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    Excuses, Excuses


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    Thirty, Flirty, And Napping


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    The Dress Code


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    It's Called Being Prepared


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