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The Best Caffeinated Snacks

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List RulesThese foods have caffeine in them for those late night work/study/gaming sessions.

This is a list of the best foods with caffeine in them, according to experts and fans, ranked from best to worst.

This list consists of top caffeinated snacks that one could eat, not the caffeinated drinks folks sip on like coffee, teas, and energy drinks, which are already notable for their high caffeine count. This particular list reveals the goodies, like caffeinated candies, baked goods, and famous chocolates that surprisingly can keep one pepped up for hours, more so than a hot drink.

Just a disclaimer: these are not healthy foods. These caffeine-filled snacks are decadent at best but they can help give a person a boost of needed energy in the middle of the day at work or during late night study sessions. And, of course, many gamers are more than willing to ingest these treats just to stay up well into the next day to battle their friends via their favorite consoles. These are the best drinks and food for all-night gaming sessions.

Please vote for what you consider to be the greatest caffeinated foods and if you don’t see the snacks you like to eat, do add them to the list.