The Best Country Singers From California

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Only country singers born or raised in California.

Here are the best country singers and country bands from California. California has made some major contributions to pop culture over the last century. While it may not be in the south, it has still produced some stellar country musicians. They come from all over the state from parts further north than Sacramento to the central valley where Bakersfield resides. The Bakersfield Sound emerged in the 1950s and 60s as a new type of country music. This variation drew influences from rock and roll, and it was pioneered by such legends as Buck Owens and Merle Haggard. Many other popular country singers from California followed in their footsteps, and there are some artists who forged their own paths to superstardom. 

Some of the most famous country artists have come out of the Golden State for decades. Although there does appear to be an emergence of young artists who have made names for themselves in recent years. Popular country singers like Cam, Brett Young, and Jon Pardi have shown country still has a place among all the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. California is just as responsible for the acclaim of country music as any state from the south. If you want to see proof of that, then check out our list of California country singers. You can then vote for your favorite singers and bands. 

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